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Tutoring is now a necessity to improve the results and autonomy of the child or teenager. For a better listening of his teacher, reduce his stress. I propose adapted solutions for the elementary child, the teenager at the college and the high school, as well as the adult in order to improve the basic knowledge.

Do you and your child face difficulties in French or math? I accompany students towards academic success. This progress will make it possible to go to the desired college, or to obtain a mention. Note that at the primary and secondary levels the needs are different. In elementary school,

of all the learning that the child must learn to master, reading is surely the most fundamental. Reading is an active process, as much as writing. It is not enough to decode words to understand them. It is not enough to understand words to understand the meaning of the sentence. The reader, by reading, continually makes predictions about what will follow, creates mental images, it reacts emotionally and integrates new knowledge.

I offer an apprenticeship in reading, spelling, grammar, and mathematics, playful and adapted to the difficulties of the child. I can listen and adapt my pedagogy to promote autonomy.

In high School , Grade 7 is a hinge year. Important changes begin there: a new path that starts with an evaluation, diagnosing the skills acquired at the elementary level. This class overturns the benchmarks known since the first year in terms of structure, objectives, and pedagogy. Apprenticeships follow a new logic: we move from interdisciplinarity to a segmentation of subjects that imposes a regular personal work.

Important changes begin: the tutor allows a better articulation between the project of the pupil and that of the school. "Succeed request of the motivation, the method, I will accompany you only to the 12th year to get down a scholarship contact me


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